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Jockey Polo Style Helmet

Tired of that mushroom head look? If you want that low-profile, non-bulky look without compromising on safety, you're at the right place! Jockey Polo Style DOT Motorcycle Helmet from Family Avenue is the world's smallest DOT polo helmet. Made with advanced thermo-poly ABS, our jockey motorcycle helmets weigh 620g±30g. That's super lightweight, same as a bottle of water only much stronger! Your neck will thank you. Family Avenue uses a new design mesh lining with moisture-wicking fabric that keeps your head cooler and cozy. The compact design provides a sleek and contoured shell that sits low on your head. When you consider fit, comfort, freedom, and all the safety you get with this jockey motorcycle helmet, it's a winner! So basically, yes, our DOT polo motorcycle helmets are good-looking without sacrificing comfort or safety for looks.

Motorcycle riders lovin' our DOT polo motorcycle helmets. Whether you are riding a cafe racer or a dirt bike, Family Avenue's helmet will fit perfectly. Order yours before it's gone!

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